Why Move to Ecuador?

9 Reasons to Move to Ecuador

With sophisticated historical cities, miles of unspoiled sun-kissed beaches, fertile farmland, and temperate mountain hideaways, Ecuador has it all:

  • Politically stable and safe.
  • Perfect weather year-round.
  • A U.S.-dollar-based economy.
  • Close to home (just a 4-hour flight to the U.S.).
  • Top-notch medical care at one-fourth to one-tenth the costs of the U.S.
  • Affordable private health insurance plans, a government plan that expat residents can take advantage of, and a public system that provides free health care and medications to those over 65, including foreign residents.
  • Seniors are treated respectfully (and offered LOTS of discounts)—Ecuador’s retirement program will save you thousands of dollars a year.
  • A couple can live well on $1,500 a month or less.
  • And real estate prices are among the lowest in the world!

This website has a dual purpose – First: to introduce you to Ecuador and the possibility of living in Ecuador. Second: to be your “real estate agent”, really a referral agent – your conduit and liaison to make living in Ecuador a possibility! My services to you are free. I make money as a referral from the agency I set you up with in Ecuador. I have developed a system with the top real estate agents in Ecuador that will allow you to use me as a consultant so you will feel safe about your purchase. You probably will experience a rather high cost to fly, but expenses are really, really low once you get there! I have everything you need in terms of knowledge and the know-how to open many doors for you in Ecuador. Let us help make Ecuador a reality for you!

Even more reasons why people are moving to Ecuador

For these reasons and more, a growing number of people are now calling Ecuador home. It may just be the “find of the century”. They say, for anyone who wants to live life like it’s meant to be lived… fresh air, deliciously healthy food, the warmest, kindest, most generous people, and no lifestyle sacrifices. None!

There are so many benefits to living in Ecuador, in fact, led by the surprisingly low, low cost of living! The low cost of living is a huge benefit. Full-course meals (soup, an entrée of chicken or beef served with salad and rice, and dessert) for $2.50—and that’s with a fresh juice included! And with $2 haircuts, 75-cent beers, 25-cent bus rides, and $10 doctor’s visits, why would anyone want to live anywhere else? Another is the sweetness and kindness of the Ecuadorian people themselves.

“Ecuadorians are about the nicest people you’ll find, says expat John Curran who lives in the small charming village of Vilcabamba, “We live amongst the locals and they always have time to say hello.”

And if you’re worried that you’ll miss your family and friends when you move to Ecuador, remember that with the money you save you can afford to go back for frequent visits… not to mention the low cost of hosting your visitors in Ecuador.

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