Surprising & Not What You Expect

Surprising and Not What You Expect

This website has a dual purpose – First: to introduce you to Ecuador and the possibility of living in Ecuador. Second: to be your “real estate agent”, really a referral agent – your conduit and liaison to make living in Ecuador a possibility! My services to you are free. I make money as a referral from the agency I set you up with in Ecuador. I have developed a system with the top real estate agents in Ecuador that will allow you to use me as a consultant so you will feel safe about your purchase. You probably will experience a rather high cost to fly, but expenses are really, really low once you get there! I have everything you need in terms of knowledge and the know-how to open many doors for you in Ecuador. Let us help make Ecuador a reality for you!

The first time I went to Ecuador I had the typical thoughts, ideas and notions that one has being born and bred in the United States. We all have them and they center on Ecuador (for that matter, all of South and Central America) being underdeveloped and unstable – nothing could be further from the truth. To my surprise, it is a combination of beauty, technology, kindness, slower pace, everything was a lot less money and it is great weather!

I flew into Quito, the capital city, to find a very metropolitan city with a large park, La Carolina ala Central Park in New York City. Quito is emblematic for what has happened in all of Ecuador. Quito boasts a brand new airport that was moved from the literal center of the city to a location 20 miles outside the city called Tumbacco. The first thing you notice is the Ecuadorian world is surrounded by the majestic Andes Mountains; it is seemingly the back drop of every picture! Quito, like every city and town is tucked in to the mountains and valleys like gold nuggets each with a wonderful blend of today and unique markets of food and local flare.

The second thing you notice is how modern and technological this culture has become; the grocery stores are pieces of art with its fresh produce, fish and meats. They are clean and sanitary and really look like picture postcards! Well stocked and very helpful staff, even bringing your groceries out and putting them in your car. The hospitals and medical community is second to none with a combination of high quality, modern technology and very low cost. My entire medical concerns, including check-ups and tests, I do in Ecuador at a fraction of the cost. In 1 case, I had a skin care issue in which the doctors in the United States said could not be cured. For almost 40 years multiple doctors gave me relief through a steroid cream costing a lot of money. Today I am free and cured by a doctor in Ecuador in 3 months!

Ecuador is a dream for anyone who needs or would like their money to go much further; 5 – 8 times farther! Financially, most people live “on the edge” in this country – you can live in Ecuador like Kings and Queens! They use US currency and they have convenient banks with ATM’s.

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